Foreign Language Teacher Training


LTC courses for foreign language instructors are provided through the Center for English as Second Language (CESL). CESL’s Teacher Training Program is committed to offering high-quality education for new and experienced instructors of foreign languages through courses that are offered fully online and asynchronously, which allows students the flexibility to choose the time that works best for their needs and lifestyles without sacrificing academic rigor.

UArizona LTC’s Foreign Language Teacher Training courses follow curricula based on constructive alignment theory, ensuring that all assessments are directly related to course goals and content studied. The 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course is founded in outcomes-based and cognitive approaches, as well as reflective practice, and provides students with the essential foundations in second language acquisition, language teaching methodologies, curriculum and materials development, classroom management, assessment techniques, and cultural awareness. To demonstrate learning of the content, students take unit quizzes and complete authentic assignments (e.g., writing a syllabus, developing lesson plans). On the other hand, the 40-hour Foreign Language Instructor Certificate (FLIC) course serves as professional development for experienced foreign language instructors who desire to learn about the methods used for teaching and assessing language skills.

120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate

  • Recognized worldwide as the entry-level credential for teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Comprehensive curriculum designed to provide foreign language instructors with a strong theoretical background in foreign language pedagogy
  • Curriculum: 18 modules organized in 8 units
  • Modules: Language Fundamentals, Language & Culture, Second Language Acquisition; The Teacher & the Classroom, and Classroom Management; Curriculum & Syllabus Fundamentals, Course Design; Lesson Plans & Course Materials, and Trends in Language Teaching; Teaching Tools & Techniques, and Teacher Development; Pedagogy & Methodology, and Assessment; Teaching Speaking and Teaching Writing; Teaching Reading, Teaching Listening, and Teaching Grammar
  • Coursework: a quiz and an assignment per unit; students submit a Final Portfolio with the eight assignments and an essay at the end of the course
  • Completion period: 6 months plus Final Portfolio review
  • Cohorts start monthly
  • CEA accredited

40-hour Foreign Language Instructor Certificate

  • Developed for the Defense Language Institute for experienced foreign language instructors and instructor trainers, and now available to the entire DoD
  • Curriculum: 6 modules: Second Language Acquisition, Assessment, Teaching Speaking, Teaching Reading, Teaching Listening, and Teaching Grammar
  • Coursework: a quiz per module; students submit a Final Reflection at the end of the course
  • Completion period: 3 months plus Final Reflection feedback and review
  • Cohorts start monthly
  • Requirements:
    • Degree or certification in teaching
    • At least 2 years of experience teaching